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Insight News reporter Mitch Holmes found out that the link between gambling and bankruptcy isn't as strong as we might think.  At least that's what the research says.  But could it be wrong?  Watch this video to hear what he found. Read more here...

What are the odds? 

Odds or the chances of a certain outcome often
depend on the game being played especially when it comes to figuring out the player's chances of winning. The chances of victory is better known as probability. Shipowitz, who once participated in The World Series of Poker, explained that "...even if you're not a math wiz you can still learn the odds."

Casino Advertisements Catering to Customers

Casino Adversting Catering to Customers (Video) Click on the YouTube video below to hear more about what Dr. Marla Stafford has to say about casino advertisements and see other examples of print and video casino ads.

Betting it All:  One woman's battle with addiction

Insight News reporter Kamiya Bailey looked at the link between suicide and gambling. 

How One Night of Gambling Can Grow to Five Years of Debt

Insight News reporter Fabiola Cervantes talks about surprising information she discovered while researching her story about credit cards and gambling.

Nationwide Gambling Revenues in a Slump, but Tunica Faring Better than Most

Insight News reporters Brooke Sellers and Nikki Bussey discuss what they learned about the Tunica and how the area had been affected by the economy.


University of Memphis student Matt Rhodes discusses his biggest gambling loss, the fallout, and what he had to do to regain the money.

Fair Gambling

If gaming at the fair what you thought it was?  Watch Fair Gambling to see for yourself.