INSIGHT NEWS: A Focus on Gambling...


According to a study from Oregon State University, around 85 percent of students have participated in some form of gambling.  Students are inclined to gamble for various reasons. Among them are the idea of quick riches, easy access to credit cards, no fear of taking risks, and free alcohol at casinos. These reasons and numerous others contribute to the development of gambling problems amongst college students.


The issue of gambling amongst college students is nothing new, but the problem is growling. A Texas State University study shows that between 4 and 7 percent of students are classified as problem gamblers. The rate of problem gambling amongst college students nearly doubles that of the adult population. Gambling problems can lead to big trouble for college students. Huge debts can accrue at an early age, grades may suffer and lead to dismissal from school or delayed graduation, and the problem can lead to poor health mentally and physically. The results of gambling are not always bad, but one night of big losses or a slowly developing habit can throw a student's life completely off track.

The following video confessionals are of actual University of Memphis students. Each person shares a different experience, story, or opinion. But each of them has had their life affected by the same thing: Gambling.


University of Memphis senior Matt Rhodes discusses his biggest gambling loss, the fallout, and what he had to do to regain the money.

University of Memphis junior Austin Smith discusses why he chooses NOT to gamble.

University of Memphis junior Mason Massey discusses his gambling habit and why he gambles and also shares one of his memorable gambling stories.

University of Memphis senior Tommy Watts shares his experience with gambling and discusses his biggest wins and losses at the casinos.