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Insight News is a University of Memphis news Organization that meets regularly on campus to discuss, gather, and publish relevant news and media for a Memphis audience.

A Focus on Gambling...

As a continuation from last year's news team, University of Memphis journalism students for the 2010-2011 school year have chosen to devote their efforts toward contributing and developing new information on the timeless subject of Gambling.

Insight News Team

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      BEHIND THE SCENES Report...

  Check out the video below, for a look into the
  controversial world of sports gambling!

"If you ask out of every two people watching sports...they're gonna have money on the game."  

From Desperation to Salvation: 
Alcoholics and drug addicts - substance abusers are typically easy to spot.  But a gambling addict can be sitting next to you in church, teaching your children, or across your dinner table.  You might never know that you are looking at the face of an addict.  Photojournalists Andrew Vandeventer and Brooke Sellers take you into the world of a recovered gambling addict and show you her improbable journey to a place of peace.  

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